Eliezer in the Bible: An Examination of an Unassuming Figure’s Significant Role


It would appear that certain figures in the bible, have a remarkable gift for fading into the backdrop of more prominent biblical narratives. One such figure is Eliezer. Heralding from an age of patriarchs, prophets, and miracles, Eliezer had an essential role in the formation of Israel’s national identity yet remains surprisingly overlooked.

Eliezer: A Mosaic Puzzle

Eliezer in Genesis – The Trusted Servant

Eliezer, although not specified directly by name, is widely theorized to be the ‘‘chief servant‘‘ of Abraham’s house referenced in Genesis. Given his standing as the oldest in the house, Abraham tasked Eliezer with the pivotal mission of finding a suitable wife for Isaac.

The Oath of Eliezer

The oath made by Eliezer was a binding agreement he undertook with vigor, illustrating his remarkable resilience and integrity. His mission was critical to preserving Abraham’s lineage, hence the patriarch’s insistence on the oath. Eliezer’s loyalty towards his master was rewarded, as seen in the successful completion of his quest.

Eliezer and Rebecca

In the tale wherein Eliezer meets with Rebecca, his character is further unveiled. Envision an aged man, journeying to an unfamiliar land, harboring a sense of unwavering faith despite the odds. When he arrived and requested water from Rebecca, his prayer for guidance was answered – he found a woman of kindness and hospitality.

Eliezer – More than a Servant

Eliezer’s role moves beyond that of a servant obediently following masterly orders. His obedience towards Abraham is mirrored in his faithfulness to God, contributing to the successful completion of his journey. His unquestioning faith and service provide valuable insight into the essential qualities of a spiritual quester.

Eliezer in Exodus: Moses’ Son

The Eliezer referred to in Exodus shares more than just a name with his Genesis counterpart. Moses named his son Eliezer as an acknowledgment of God’s assistance during his exile in Midian.

Rescue from the Sword of Pharaoh

The name Eliezer translates to "God is my help." Moses’ decision to name his son Eliezer came at a time of gratitude for being delivered from Pharaoh’s sword. The second chapter of Exodus elucidates this aspect of Moses’s life.

Eliezer’s Symbolism

The naming act was more than a nod towards perennial help; it was a proclamation of faith. It served as a reminder to Moses during times of turbulent faith, a testament to God’s continual help, and a renewal of unwavering trust in divine providence.

Eliezer: A Testament of Faith

These two Eliezers from Genesis and Exodus contribute to our understanding of biblical life. Digging into Eliezer’s character in Genesis, he teaches us the importance of dutiful obedience, loyalty, and an unswerving faith. Correspondingly, Eliezer in Exodus is a testament to memory, gratitude, and the reaffirmation of faith during times of struggle.


Reviewing Eliezer’s role in the bible provides an in-depth understanding of the qualities that define not just an ideal servant or a dutiful son, but an iconic individual. Be it Abraham’s committed servant or Moses’s thankful son, the tale of Eliezer urges us to be critical of our understanding, to look beyond obvious narratives, and derive wisdom from unassuming corners.

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